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0048 | the gift – a thousand fragments

0048 | the gift

My mum; her nanny. Today, Bessie and I travelled together to arrive at her door, push the bell and surprise the woman I learned to love before I knew that any other existed. Her happiness today was the most wonderful gift. All that I know about humility and love and generosity and compassion I know because of her. And a little of pain and suffering, too. But love can’t be love without those two things to help stab and shape; to give shade where too much light would blind. For the past few years, I’ve crafted words to create pictures of her more vivid than seemed possible even to myself. Especially, to myself. But today I took this picture, because today I wished to capture and share her joy. This afternoon, though the day was so dark and damp, the light was so beautiful and fell so kindly. And she allowed me to take this picture. And I cherish this something that is her even though it cannot be her. And I’ll have a memory that will remain that idea that I’ll forever be refining about her, about who I am and about who I want to be: the life that she gave and the love that she fostered.


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  1. Sounds like this one of your many visits with your mother was one that will stick in the mind, not just because of that lovely image you captured. That hint of a smile as she looks (out of the window?) is beautiful.

  2. dia El Shafie:
    Thank you; it’s always lovely to know you do.

    Thank you. It was a wonderful weekend and I’m pleased you like both words and image.

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